Month: May 2019

God’s Best

God’s permissive will vs. God’s best

I had a prayer partner praying years ago with me that always prayed for God’s best. She’d say in her prayers, “Lord, we don’t want Your second best. We only want Your best for us. Please bring us Your best.”

She never knew how much those prayers changed my way of thinking. I realized that God knows the future, while we don’t. He knows what is truly best for us, when we truly don’t. Why should I pray for certain things to come to pass, if I really don’t know if it’s in my best interest? So, I began to pray for His best, even if it looked scary or crazy or whatever. I wanted His will for my life, above my own.

I hear people pray for God’s permission about things…even pray His permissive will, but I don’t want His permissive will. I want HIS plan A. No longer do I want to exert my plan/will and hope He makes it good. I believe He’s a benevolent God who won’t push His plan and let’s us follow our paths…that’s what scares me now…following my path that turns into some Plan B!

God is searching for those who will follow Him no matter what, through anything, and above their own will. He’s looking for those who will trust He knows what’s best for them. I encourage others to change their prayers like I did. I admit that it can lead to dark and scary paths. But God has never failed me, and every time I have seen His protection and provision when I couldn’t find it on my own.