Two Roads


Was thinking about hwys 49 & 59 today. They are both roads that head north, but they head in two different directions. One gets you to Meridian, another to Jackson. But then I thought about what if two roads ran completely parallel to each other? Perfectly straight side by side. But even in that circumstance those two roads would never reach the same destination. May even end up in same town, but two opposite sides of it. The only way for two roads to reach the same destination would be to converge into one.
Marriage is just like that. You got two ppl who say they’re both heading north, when in fact they’re heading in two totally different directions. Then you got those that run parallel to each other. They think they’re side by side, yet still on differing paths leading to opposite sides of a destination. Only when two ppl merge into one path, does the destination become single and resolute.

John Wesley:

I think this is a very good analogy.

-The first example, the couple is unequally yoked. They have their own agendas, their own jobs, their own bank account, basically they lead two separate lives and in the end, their marriage ends in divorce. They are living in sin, and putting themselves first instead of their spouse and family.

-The second example, the couple has the same goals, and they are equally yoked. They are both headed to the same destination but they have let the cares of the world, whether work, money or children, keep them divided. One day they wake up, their children are gone from home, and they look at each other and they have lost their love for each other and barely know each other. Often these are the marriages where after 20 or 25 years, suddenly the couple gets divorced and goes their separate ways, however that is not always the case, but it happens too often.

-The third example is what we must strive for. To be one and not let the cares of the world deceive us or divide us, but to walk hand in hand as one person until we reach the goal. This is the example set for us by Christ and how we must represent Him in our marriage.

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