Our house

Since the Lord has opened my womb and blessed us with children, we’ve run into the wonderful problem of having a house that is shrinking with every new birth! 😉 

We have loved our house and put a lot of ourselves into it by gutting and remodeling it. However, we need room to grow. So, we’ve been praying now, for quite awhile, about what to do. With two small babies and much older ailing parents, we finally agreed to move back to the small town in which we grew up. There, we could help our parents much more, and they could help with the babies. Also, there is JW’s family land where our children could safely grow up and play. 

It would seem simple enough that now we were in agreement, we could move forward. I laugh at that thought!  We’ve been through quite a few plans that apparently were not God’s. But, that’s okay because we continually prayed for His will and way above ours since He knows the future better than we do! 😉

1. Our current house is paid for. So, we were going to put a mortgage on it and add a large addition to an existing structure on our family land. Then, we’d sell this house, pay off the mortgage and remain debt free. Well, God stopped JW right as the paperwork was almost complete. Neither of us understood why. Two weeks later, we discovered we were pregnant with our second child! Even though this plan wasn’t God’s, He still ordained it, because we discovered all of our land hadn’t been deeded correctly, which we needed to sell our property down the road. 

2. Next, we decided to just buy a nice house close to family land and not deal with the hassle of building with soon-to-be two babies. We found an ideal place and were willing to get a $100k mortgage in addition to the sale of our current house. We figured that was the only way to get a larger house without remodeling. God didn’t agree. We could never agree to a reasonable price with the owner, so, another one bites the dust…

Meanwhile, I have to mention that the Lord led us to paint our current house and put it up for sale, even though we had no place to go!

3.  For our final plan, we decided to get a small loan to complete the existing tiny structure on our family land for a temporary residence. Then, we’d apply for a construction loan to build our forever home on the land. We got the small loan and went to work. Cousins discovered we were selling our house and decided they wanted it if they could sell their house first. Well, we tried speeding up the process, but we hit obstacle after obstacle never able to finish the tiny house, let alone begin construction on a larger one. Oh the frustration!

To be continued…

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