A Special Anniversary 

Yesterday, August 8th, marked three years our lives got a reboot. Although he didn’t plan it, JW chose to come back home. That evening, I ran across the back yard barefoot to meet him. I jumped in his arms, so excited to see him. He says he knew then, He couldn’t leave. I had cooked him dinner and wanted him to stay, but I didn’t pressure him. I told him I believed God that he would come back home, so he didn’t have to come back yet if he wasn’t ready. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen someone in such turmoil. Looking back, I now understand the spiritual battle he was fighting. JW was so tired from the fight, he literally was falling asleep upright on the couch. He finally gave in (to God, not me) and stayed home. He knew it was more than just sleeping one night in his own bed. If he chose to stay one night, he’d stay forever. At the time I didn’t understand, but now I know the OW (other woman) had given him the ultimatum. So JW chose to come back home. 
That began the process of restoration, which was difficult and painful. We had to learn to trust God together. I still remember the pain of revelations. JW had to finally cut off all communication with the OW. It was a hard process. Some would ask how I could ever trust my husband again. That part really wasn’t hard. My “trust” was in God, not my husband. I had seen, actually we both saw, how God would reveal things to me when I needed to know. It was actually God, in a dream, that had told me about another woman! So, from that experience, I knew God would let me know anything I needed to know about my husband. JW saw that too. He learned to be completely honest, even if he’d rather conceal some things to spare my feelings, because God would reveal them anyway. 

I’m amazed at all of it, still. It’s like I’m writing about someone else. That’s how different our lives are now. After 3 years, we have a precious little boy who follows right behind his daddy and a beautiful baby girl who’s learning to crawl everywhere. We’re busy making a new house our home. But most importantly, we’re different people. We are a praying family, because we’ve seen what prayer does. We pray about everything, because that’s what scripture says we are to do. When JW is having a frustrating day at work, he asks me to pray. When he has to leave us for work, he prays over us and blesses us. When our toddler is learning to use the potty, we pray with him that God would grant him understanding! Why do we do this? Because God answers! For 10 years we knew we should be a praying couple, but we wouldn’t take the time. Then we lived through the devastation caused from not praying. Now we pray and ask God to protect us and our family. 

Three years ago, God took a broken marriage between two sinners and healed us. He brought life to our marriage. God amazes me. Let God amaze you too. 

Genesis 50:20 (NIV) You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.


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