Settling Down

Since we’ve moved, we’ve been working so hard to get everything settled: unpacked, organized, & comfortable. There’s so much about this house we love, but there is also things we don’t like. I’m sure that’s the case for all who move. Sometimes, I miss our old house. We were there 12.5 years. I was thinking about that tonight. Perhaps it just takes awhile to settle down and this place will start to feel like home. 

Immediately a sobering thought stopped me: “This is not my home, nor will it ever be.” Before someone accuses me of being ungrateful for the house which God blessed us, let me explain. Earth is not our home. We are just passing through. I don’t want this place to ever feel like home again. I love my husband and children, but there’s a constant longing to be with Jesus and the Father.

As I was mowing the lawn today, I heard a thought-provoking lyric in my music: “We are here to serve and not to settle down.” That’s from “Living for Heaven” by Phillips, Craig, & Dean. 
To many, “settling down” means having a nice house with a good job, getting married, and raising kids. None of those are why we’re here. We are here to serve God and others. 

This is not our home. Don’t settle down here. Don’t get so comfortable you can’t let go. This is superficial. This life is temporary. We have a true home elsewhere.  Do you long for it? Are you homesick? Take a self check. If that ache isn’t there, you may be holding too tightly to things of this world. Let God open your eyes. Remember He shall have no other gods before Him. 

Waiting to be with The Groom,


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