Why do I believe?

Hebrews 11:1 (KJV) 1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

I was watching a video where the guy asks strangers if they believe in God. So many didn’t, but the few who did, he then asked them why. That got me to thinking about how I would answer. The first answer would be a resounding “Yes!” However, why do I believe?

I reasoned through a few things first. Why do I believe that a tree exists? Well, I can see it. What about stuff I can’t see?  I can feel the wind, therefore I believe it exists.  Finally, what about more abstract things like love? Well, I can’t see or touch it, but I can see and touch the evidence of love, therefore I believe in love. That’s the same as God. Yes, I believe in God, but why do I believe in Him? I can’t see Him. I can’t touch Him, but I can see the evidence of God. Years ago, God told my husband to save enough money for one year. Guess what…After our business contracts ended, my husband could not find work anywhere! During that time I panicked and nagged as I watched our savings dwindle, but JW rested in God. Then we watched as God provided a job after one year! When my marriage was falling apart I prayed to Him. He gave me promises in His word. Then He restored my marriage!  I was infertile for over 10 years, but God told me I would have children. I believed His promise and now I have 2 kids! And these evidences are just the “big” ones. Time and time again God has demonstrated not only His existence, but His very love for us. 

At first, the question of why I believe in God overwhelmed me. That was until I realized the “why” are just all of our testimonies! 😉

Why do you believe in God?

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