Clean Out Your House!!

In 2012 when my marriage fell apart, God showed me that my husband had been taken captive by Satan, our true enemy. God opened my eyes to show me that the spiritual world was so much more real than the physical world we live in! We cannot be deceived to the fact that there are spiritual forces of darkness fighting against us and for our souls. 

When God saves us, He cleans out the sin and evil, some instantly and others over time. We want God as the authority in our hearts and our minds, but we also need Him as authority in our homes. This means cleaning it out as well, and we cannot be deceived to the spiritual authority powers of darkness might have over things in our homes. 

I want to share two videos by a guy who came out of new age/occult practice and became a born again Christian. Watch his testimony first to be blessed and then his informational video about things you may have in your homes that could open doors to allow darkness a foothold over you, your family, and/or your home. 

Steven’s Testimony:

Important Information:

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