Christmas Challenge Extended

I want to extend a challenge. Can you take one year and choose to strip down Christmas to the point it is ONLY about Christ? No gifts. No trees. No holiday decor. No Santa. Just Jesus.

Can you let it all go to simply drink in the simplicity of the entrance of the Messiah into the world? He had no pomp and circumstance. He had a stable and a manger. His fanfare were curious shepherds. Angels proclaimed his birth in song. Why can’t we just do the same? Yes, magi brought gifts to Him later, but not to each other. Let’s give Him the gift of selflessness and step out of traditions and follow Him.

Can you leave behind all the stuff? Perhaps participating in this challenge just one year may forever change the way you celebrate Christmas from now on. I admit, it’s hard. People, especially loved ones, are not going to understand. It was hard for us too, but we found something so much greater than all the holiday fun and traditional activities…we discovered the beauty of a simple Savior.

Love to all.

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