I Need A Moment

Sometimes we got no fight left. Sometimes all we can do is lie on the floor and let the fight roar around us. It doesn’t have to mean we surrender. It doesn’t mean we give up. It’s simply all we can muster in circumstances way bigger than we are. In these moments we don’t seek answers. We have no energy to understand. All we need is to be reminded how much Jesus loves us. In these moments He tells us we are loved and priceless. Sometimes we cry. Sometimes we can’t even muster tears. But He understands. He lived through Gethsemane. So He just sits with us. He even has the gall to smile at us. When He knows we can handle it, He whispers (again) all the promises He has for us. We sigh. We know what comes next: He’ll give us strength and help us up, to lead us back into battle. But right now, can we just be here together in the quiet? He smiles even bigger…

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