Personal Rights

You ever think about the leading cause of divorce? Some would say adultery. Others say a lack of compatibility. I believe it’s the injustice served to one’s personal rights. What do I mean? Let me explain.

One spouse cheats and the other feels he/she has the right to fidelity within marriage. That sounds very reasonable. What about the right to be happy? Don’t we all have the right to be happy? Isn’t that not only an American right, but a human right too? So if our spouse doesn’t make us happy, we have the right to find someone else who does, right? That’s what the world would tell you. Even churches have fallen in line with that way of thinking and counsel accordingly. But what does God say about our personal rights?

Doesn’t God want us happy? Doesn’t God acknowledge the injustices done to us by others? Don’t we have rights to feel the way we do? Of course He does and He agrees you have the right to feel as you do when all these terrible things are done to you, but just because He acknowledges and understands your pain, doesn’t equate to reciprocation. When someone does something wrong to us, we are never to retaliate or do something wrong in turn, all for the sake of justice.

Let’s look at our ultimate example: Jesus. Jesus was mocked, scorned, lied about, betrayed, beaten, abused, and killed. Never did Jesus grab up a sign to picket for His social injustices. Never did He go around talking about all the evil things people were saying and doing to Him. Not once did Jesus retaliate. Not once did Jesus stand on His own personal rights. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and He let them spit in His divine face! Think about that. Does that sound like the One Who would counsel you to divorce your spouse because he/she cheated on you? Would Jesus Who wants us to follow His example, give our spouse the cold shoulder because they don’t do everything we think is right in our marriage? Would He tell you to abandon the covenant of marriage so you can be “happy?” No, He wants us to love our neighbor (i.e. spouse) UNCONDITIONALLY! Why do we not apply to our spouses the lesson to turn our other cheek when someone slaps it?? Why do we only give our spouse only “so many chances” when Jesus says to forgive seven times seventy (i.e. an infinite amount)?

The Father loves you. He agrees you have personal rights. You have the right to feel betrayed, to want justice, etc. etc. But He’s asking you to surrender those rights and do it His way…just like Jesus did.

Can you do that today? Can you choose Jesus and His higher ways over your personal rights?

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  1. I agree… I have thought about this as well and I think it starts with dissatisfaction and discontentment. I remember reading in Created To Be His Help Meet, Discontentment is not a product of circumstances; it is the state of our soul. She goes on to encourage the remedy for practicing gratitude. This helped me so much in pinpointing a problem in me at its inception.

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