What if our biggest flaw was actually our greatest superpower? I met a woman today with a limp. She didn’t seemed disturbed by it. It didn’t seem like it was from a recent accident, disease, etc. Maybe it was something she was born with, or perhaps polio had messed up her leg as a child. I don’t know. She seemed like a normal, capable person otherwise. Then I thought, perhaps I should’ve asked to pray for healing – but just as quickly the thought came: “What if that limp isn’t something she needs to be healed from? Who says a flaw must be a bad thing? What if she relates better to others because of that limp?”
Then I thought of my youngest daughter’s speech delay. What if she always has difficulties, but why would that be bad? What about my son’s crossed eyes? What if they never became perfectly straight? Finally, I thought of my oldest daughter’s leukemia diagnosis. What if these flaws, or defects, weren’t something to be ashamed of, hidden away hoping no one discovers or points out, but instead were our greatest triumphs? To be the very things that make us who we are? Who we are meant to be? What if those shameful defects became our superpowers? How we view the world? How we see people? And instead of shame or bitterness and anger because of them, they help us see the weakness in others to grow within us compassion, grace, mercy, & empathy.
I believe all these perceived “negative” issues arise, not to harm us, but to empower us. They give us the ability to see people better. To be the kindness we want from others. I believe our defects can be super, if we find the power within them: LOVE.

I know it’s been a long time since we’ve posted anything, but life has been hard for awhile. I don’t know if I mentioned we found out we were pregnant with our 4th child shortly after Ariel’s diagnosis. While it has made a bright spot during an otherwise dark time, it has added quite a level of complexity…leukemia treatments at the same time of having a newborn! Then my dad died suddenly after the baby’s birth. So, it’s been a rough few years to say the least. We appreciate any and all prayers! However, the best news is Ariel has completed treatment and her immunity is almost back to normal. She is now a beautiful active healthy 6 year old little girl! We still must keep check ups on her blood and body frequently, but all is well. Praise the Lord!


  1. Wow! I had been checking DAILY for over a year. This is great news! Glad everything is getting better!

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