Coping Skills 101

Here’s a list of a few things to do to help get through bad situations. This list is not comprehensive. By all means, if you have any to add, I’m fully open to suggestions and recommendations! Anything to help being overwhelmed!

1. Pray like mad.

2. Breathe. Take lots of deep breaths.

3. As long as it doesn’t trigger you, look at pics of what you do have, what you’ve been blessed with, good moments in time.

4. Talk to a trusted friend to vent. Sometimes we just gotta blow off steam.

5. Recite verses that pertain to your struggle. Mine is anger, frustration, and impatience. So I am actively studying the word of God about those topics to focus my mind on truth to keep me out of the pit.

6. Time & space. Those things do wonders!

7. Repeat a mantra. Currently, mine is: God allows bad things to happen for a reason. God allows bad things to happen for a reason. Say it with me: God allows bad things to happen for a reason. 😀

8. Don’t let it escalate! If you feel the frustration rise, take a step back to remove the strong emotion. Once emotions get too big, there’s little left to control them.

9. It seems basic, but get plenty of rest. Our fuses are shorter when we are exhausted or sick. My mama taught me growing up: “Prevention is worth a pound of cure!”

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