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Why we stand

We stand for our spouses and marriage restoration to change our family tree. We are praying for eternal changes to take place in the lives of ourselves and our family, to see our loved ones come to know Christ.

Today, I experienced a most unexpected blessing. Ariel, our 7 year old eldest daughter, the one who fought leukemia, told me she thinks she finally heard from God. 🙂

Let’s rewind to a few weeks ago when she wrote me a letter saying she’d been praying to God for Him to speak to her. She just didn’t understand why she couldn’t hear His voice. I took that time to explain that God speaks to us in a number of different ways. Mostly, it’s from His word. When His word jumps out at us, we know He’s speaking directly to us. Sometimes, He speaks to us through others. Other times we see or experience signs or feelings. However, whatever we think we hear from God MUST ALWAYS align to His word, never against it. I explained that it can be hard sometimes to hear God because we let distractions get in the way. We gotta learn to be quiet to hear Him. However, over time and with much seeking we can learn to hear from Him. He wants to talk to us. He wants us to listen.

Today, she tells me that about a week ago she was reading a scripture on the wall (as I’ve mentioned before, we have promises posted all over our house). She said, for some reason she focused on the word “rejoice.” Then she felt like she heard, “Have joy, for I am with you.”

When she shared that with me, the first thing I did was to look it up in the concordance. We discovered that there’s no exact reference for those words together, but of course God does command us to rejoice and also promises us that He’s with us. So I told her that it falls in line with truth. I also looked at her and told her that I know for a fact that God is with her. She knew that too. Then, I told her she needed to write it in her journal to God, because all her prior entries were her talking to God. She needed to write down when God speaks to her too!

I’ve been amazed seeing this spiritual growth in my tiny daughter. I peeked through her journal and saw she had asked God some serious questions. I read one aloud: “God why do you let bad things happen?” So I asked her what she thought the answer was to that one. She thought it was different reasons, but the one that she named was how ppl think they have a good relationship with God and He uses bad things to happen so He can really show them how their relationship really is.

I was impressed. Have we discussed this topic before? Of course. We’ve explained leukemia, the deaths of grandfathers, Covid, etc. But here was her chance to express what she’s learned. I thought it was profound. There’s a lot of adults who struggle with that question.

God challenged me in 2012 to stand for my marriage…way before kids. When I accepted that challenge, I was just hoping to get my husband back (being honest here). I never could’ve imagined this moment almost 10 years ago. When God changed me, he tipped the first domino to change my husband, to change my marriage, to create 4 amazing kids, and to change the way we would raise them. We’ve seen what God can do. We’ve seen Him restore. We’ve seen Him provide. We’ve seen Him protect. We’ve seen Him heal. How can we not share this with our kids? They’re part of the miracles we’ve seen!

God has this amazing plan for them. I know it because they came so close to never existing! God has this amazing plan for your family tree as well! Please, please, PLEASE don’t ever give up on your stand!

Walls in Marriage

Lori Steinkamp Lassen from Rejoice Marriage Ministries wrote a great devotional for married couples to watch out from building walls in their marriage. I was reminded of the walls that used to be in our marriage. It’s such an amazing thing to realize that walls, once a constant in our marriage, are now something we have to be reminded of even existing! That’s why I had to write Lori a response to her devotional! We have to get the word out just what God can do! God heals hurting marriages…yes…but He does it so profoundly! God works the impossible in broken marriages. God is real and God loves us! And God does amazing things for us!

Here is the post of my response to Lori’s devotional. At the bottom is a link to her original post.

On our Mark 10 Nine Devotional for Married Couples, Lori recently wrote about the walls that can get built up in our marriages. Just as those walls go up, God can tear them down. Jennifer shares the story of watching the walls come down in their restored marriage.


by Jennifer in Mississippi
 Tuesday, October 19, 2021

It is so easy to erect walls around our hearts because our spouse has hurt us so many times. We can look up in our marriage and wonder how we got so distant from each other. We feel the walls. We see the walls.

Sometimes, like in my marriage, the walls are so real, they are a part of our marriage, and we would talk about them and wonder how in the world to get past them!

Finally, after so many years living with the walls and both of us refusing to remove them, unsure how to even begin that process, my husband had enough. He found a new lady with no walls and left our marriage full of them.

In my devastation, I heard God speak to me. He told me to stand and promised restoration. But God also acknowledged our walls. He was tearing mine down through standing, but what about the wall surrounding my hardened husband’s heart? Well, God gave me hope and a promise for that as well:

With your help I can advance against a troop; with my God I can scale a wall. Psalm 18:29

God was telling me those walls that existed for years in our marriage were going to come crashing down like the walls of Jericho! The restored marriage He promised me would have NO WALLS! What He was making would be new and last forever. I clung to those promises and waited for God to work. He doesn’t disappoint.

My husband and I are working on our 10th year since restoration. We are so grateful to say we have zero walls in our marriage. We still argue, disagree, and can even hurt each other, but God has changed us both so much. There’s too much gratitude and humility for walls to find a foundation. Only God can do that. God can move the mountains in the same way for you and your spouse!

You can read Lori’s full devotional Stop Building Walls in Your Marriage.

God bless,

Jennifer in Mississippi


Confession time: I get angry too easily. It usually stems from things or situations that overwhelm me, freak me out, are out of my control, or cause me to be afraid. I lash out and react very poorly. I absolutely hate it. I hate that my first reaction is anger. I hate when I blow up at my kids. I hate when it controls me. 

I have to admit, I was worse before my marriage broke down in 2012. That was one of the major pitfalls to my marriage falling apart. Anger was my generational curse and the sin that controlled me. However, after God restored my marriage, He gave me such a different perspective toward my husband and marriage, I didn’t struggle with anger toward him anymore. Sure, we got angry at each other like all married couples, yet it didn’t control me. Again, I say God changed me on a molecular level in 2012. However, with the advent of 4 small kids and so much chaos that ensues in our house, that anger is trying to rear its ugly head again and, honestly, I don’t want my kids to learn that behavior. I want to teach and exemplify a better way.

So, I took it to the Lord. I studied every verse I could find about anger, malice, wrath…even scriptures regarding the tongue. Then, all of a sudden, my fervor regarding the study of anger ceased. I asked God why, and He led me in a different direction: Meekness. 

It began with this verse:

Mt 11:29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest for your souls.

I could use some rest for my soul. So I need to be like Jesus to get that rest, and He calls Himself meek. So I looked it up. Guess what? Meekness is nothing like what I imagined in my mind. I’m gonna quote the life-changing commentary I found from Blue Letter Bible:

“Meekness toward God is that disposition of spirit in which we accept His dealings with us as good, and therefore, without disputing or resisting. In the OT, the meek are those wholly relying on God rather than their own strength to defend against injustice. Thus, meekness toward evil people means knowing God is permitting the injuries they inflict, that He is using them to purify His elect, and that He will deliver His elect in His time. Meekness is the opposite to self-assertiveness and self-interest. It stems from trust in God’s goodness and control over the situation. The meek is not concerned with self at all. This is a work of the Holy Spirit, not of the human will.”

I pictured meekness as passivity, a weakness, letting others walk all over you…things I don’t do or allow, that’s never been my nature. But do you realize how much strength it takes to shut up and just accept the injustices done to you? What about the power it takes to choose to submit to the bad things that happen to you, rather than fight against them? God pointed out that my anger was simply a symptom of a lack of meekness. I believe that all things that happen to us, both good AND bad have to be allowed by God. My belief is in His sovereignty…nothing is out of His control at any time. I also believe that everything He allows works together for our good. But, if I truly believe this, why do I rise up against someone who wrongs me? Why do I get angry when things get out of my control? I have the wrong perspective. The person who wrongs me is not my enemy…God allowed it to happen. The air conditioner that breaks down is out of my control, but God is using it to show me His provision. Time and time again, God has shown Himself to me through very distressing situations…so why get angry when they first occur? 

Jesus is meek, because He submitted to His Father’s will. He suffered greatly, knowing it was for good. Because He suffered, we can come to the Father. We, too, must submit to the Father’s will…whatever it may be in our individual lives. It truly is for our good. Meekness is submission to God’s will/way/plans. True meekness eradicates anger, depression, fear, etc. These are all symptoms of not fully trusting or believing in God, His plan, and control over our lives. I may believe in God’s sovereignty, but now I’ve got to live it!

The good news is before I began my study and after pleading with the Lord about it, He promised me victory! So I know God is gonna change my DNA again. This time He’s gonna make me meek and eradicate all that anger, depression, and fear. I no longer have to get angry when things don’t go my way. I won’t yell at my kids. I will submit to God that everything that happens to us has to pass through His hands first…so it’s gonna be ok, He’s got plans!

I’m just gonna post my study notes below for references:

God will remove my anger:

He holds victory in store for the upright, he is a shield to those whose walk is blameless, for he guards the course of the just and protects the way of his faithful ones. Then you will understand what is right and just and fair – every good path. (Pro 2:7-9)

May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. We will shout for joy when you are victorious and will lift up our banners in the name of our God. May the LORD grant all your requests. Now I know that the LORD saves his anointed; he answers him from his holy heaven with the saving power of his right hand. Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God. (Ps 20:4-7)

Meekness like Christ:

Mt 11:29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest for your souls.

Mt 21:5 Our King was meek

Jo 13:15 For I have given you an example, that you should do as I have done to you.

1 Jo 2:6 He who says he abides in Him ought to himself also to walk just as He walked.

Phil 2:5,8 Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus…humbled Himself and became obedient to the point of death

1 Pet 2:21 For to this you were called, because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us  an example, that you should follow His steps

Commands of Meekness:

Zeph 2:3 Seek ye the Lord, all ye meek of the earth, which have wrought His judgment; seek righteousness, seek meekness: it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the Lord’s anger.

Eph 4:2 Walk in your calling with lowliness and meekness

Col 3:12 put on meekness

1 Tim 6:11 follow after meekness

2 Tim 2:25 instruct in meekness

Titus 3:2 Show meekness to all men

1 Pet 3:15 give reason of the hope that lies within you with meekness

Gal 5:23 meekness is a fruit of the Spirit

Promises for Meek: Provision, Guidance, Protection, & Justice

Ps 22:26 The meek shall eat & be satisfied: they shall praise the Lord that seek Him: your heart shall live forever.

Ps 25:9 The meek will He guide in judgment: & the meek will He teach His way.

Ps 147:6 The Lord lifts up the meek

Is 11:4 But with righteousness shall he judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth…

Rewards of the Meek: Peace, Salvation, Joy, & Rest

Ps 37:11 But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.

Ps 149:4 For the Lord takes pleasure in His ppl: He will beautify the meek with salvation.

Is 29: 19 The meek also shall increase their joy in the Lord, and the poor among men shall rejoice in the Holy One of Israel.

Mt 11:29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest for your souls.

To Moms of 1 or 2…

The whole purpose of our blog is to share nuggets of truth that we, ourselves, cling and refer to. Today, I want to share a blog post that was shared with me when I had only 2 kids at the time. It has nothing to do with marriage, but everything to do with being an overwhelmed parent and trusting God. I have referenced this post so many times in the past few years as my family has grown to four children, and it so resonates with me that I felt like sharing it here. Hope it finds ears to hear. 🙂

Purpose in Restoration

Exodus 9:16 (NIV)
But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.

Maybe you are wondering why you should go through all the pain of restoration. I mean, standing itself is hard enough, right? One could easily get discouraged discovering just how difficult the restoration journey is. Here’s where I encourage the socks off of you!

Let me remind you that God has this grand plan for you. In this plan, He changes you and your spouse to become different people. A peculiar people set apart for His work (Deut. 14:2). He changes your family tree. No longer is the curse of divorce passed on to your children and grandchildren. Finally, He changes your marriage. It will no longer be what it was, it will become this amazing thing you couldn’t imagine.

God changed us. I honestly tell others that God changed me on a molecular level. I saw the world in a different way. When I saw my husband struggle so much spiritually, God gave me a glimpse of just how real the spiritual world is and the battles that constantly ensue. My husband saw that too, after he came back home and realized what happened and what he came out of. We learned that we must be on guard at all times, because Satan really does go around seeking whom he can devour (I Pet 5:8)! We saw God on a deeper level, too. No longer was He this obscure, distant being we called ourselves serving for years. Instead, He became very intimate and personal with us. This amazing God of the universe talked to us, comforted us, really cared about us. Prior to the destruction of our marriage, this was head knowledge. Afterward, it became real and tangible. And as time marches on, He continually amazes us with the depth of His infinite love of us…from the great big things, to the tiny things too numerous to count!

God changed our family tree. For us specifically, we couldn’t have kids prior to restoration. We’d been infertile for 10 years. God promised me kids, though. So a month after JW came home, we got pregnant. Haha, God really changed our tree that way, but what I mean is the legacy passed on to our children after God restores marriages. Divorce is a curse that plagues our society, and it gets passed down more and more into future generations. Restoration is the blessing that stops that curse and teaches our children to never give up. It tells them, “See, look what God can do! Nothing is impossible for Him (Lk 1:37)!” It’s concrete evidence of faith that passes down to our kids and changes their lives as well as our own.

God changed our marriage. There’s this country song that’s popular. She calls her man a “Good One” and describes how wonderful he is. I think it’s sweet, because that’s how I feel about my husband. And I say that understanding there are those out there that would stop and ask, “Wait, how can you think that when he left you, cheated on you, and wanted to divorce you?” EASY. He’s not the same guy who did those things, just like I’m not the same person I was either. I’ve mentioned before that I felt, at times, that I hated my husband for what was done and begged God to release me from this marriage, but God wouldn’t. God just kept telling me that what He was doing was the beginning. Now I understand. Those times I begged God for a more worthy man, a better marriage, and a fresh start weren’t unheard…they were on hold. I had to wait, let God do His thing, and change us. Oh how much would we have missed if we had given up! Our marriage is so strong now, tried by fire. My husband knows that I’d stand by him through anything, because I have. And I know my husband loves me beyond words, because (as He told me) one who is forgiven much, loves much (Lk 7:47). We are that one flesh that God planned, and we desired.

I am so grateful for where we are and who God has changed us to be. It has been such a blessing in dark times like our daughter’s leukemia diagnosis, a failing business, the loss of our dads, miscarriages, etc. etc. I know that God has a purpose for all of it…the greatest of which is to tell others what God can do: that He is REAL and HE LOVES YOU! God has a purpose for your marriage restoration too. And it’s worth all the agony, because whatever we give to God, He multiplies (John 6:1-14), including our pain.

Pitfalls in Restoration

Pro 27:12 NLT – A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

RMM has launched a new weekly devotional focused toward encouraging newly restored couples. The early days of restoration is a difficult time. I’ve been reminiscing lately about our time spent there. Looking back, I see now there were things that seemed to cause undue pain. I want to share them here, to help others try to avoid our same mistakes.

  1. Successful restoration requires understanding each other. Be prepared that you, as a stander, will need consolation and affirmation after being rejected by your prodigal. It is hopeful to receive this from them once they choose to come back home. HOWEVER, they are full of questions themselves and get attacked constantly from the enemy with guilt and condemnation from where they’ve been. They struggle so much, they just CANNOT give more than they have to soothe you. Understand this and seek your balm from Christ alone. Only God can edify you during this very painful, raw stage. 
  2. We found outside influences effected our marriage and our personal walks with the Lord. The Lord started leading us to disconnect from people, media, and technology that drew our attention away from each other and Him. We cleaned out our house of music and films that contained filthy language, premarital sex, etc. We withdrew from all social media. We turned off our house WiFi, only keeping internet on our phones. And we removed ourselves from others who were a negative influence on our marriage and in our lives. This may seem extreme to many, but it brought such peace, that we were able to hear God better and focus on each other.
  3. Keep in mind, too, that extreme emotions Satan attacks with are not to be taken as the general feeling of each spouse. Here’s two examples of what I mean:
    1. I stood for my marriage. I wanted my husband. I loved my husband, but in the thick of severe attacks, times when I would be exhausted from trying to make it work, or after a disagreement with my husband, I would journal that I hated him. I hated what he had done to me and done to our marriage. I begged God to release me and allow me to find someone who hadn’t hurt me so badly. If my husband had read my journal that day, he probably would have given up and left again, thinking there was no hope. However, I didn’t feel that way most days. Most days I’d look him in the eyes and thank him for coming back home. Most days I’d love him with all the strength I could and choose to fight for us. 
    2. On the flip side was my husband who had chosen to obey God and come back home. He knew this was what he should do and what he wanted to do. He may not have returned out of love for me at first, but the obedience was there. Well, he also suffered extreme attacks from Satan…obviously. One morning, he woke with constant thoughts of the other woman. He, too, journaled how much he missed her and wanted to be with her. He struggled with wanting to leave me again, and even suggested it might be best if he left again. About a week later, I found his journal entry throwing me into a tailspin of more doubt and mistrust, (Doesn’t Satan just love the twisted cycles he throws us in?) By this time, though, my husband no longer felt the same as he had that day. He explained that he did want to stay and fight for our marriage, that the journal entry was just a moment of struggle and attack. He was right, and we kept moving forward. 

All that to say: Don’t assume the emotions and thoughts felt under Satan’s attacks are how the person truly feels. Stay the course and remember how fragile you both are. Show grace and mercy toward each other’s struggles and imperfections. Separate yourselves from the world to get back what you’ve lost. Maintain the mindset that your marriage is permanent. God put you together originally and has placed you back together. Believe God knows what He’s doing. Restoration is unbelievably painful and hard, but it’s not impossible. All that pain won’t be in vain. And one day, in the near future, you’ll look up and find it’s not as hard.

Pain in Restoration

Isaiah 58:12 (NLT) Some of you will rebuild the deserted ruins of your cities. Then you will be known as a rebuilder of walls and a restorer of homes.

I sliced my finger deeply months ago. A few weeks after the initial injury, the outside wound healed back together, but still felt weird on the inside as if it wasn’t healing to what it was prior to injury. All of a sudden, months later it became painful to the touch. I researched pain in scars and discovered that pain can occur as nerves regenerate and reconnect. I worried that the pain would remain permanently, even praying that it wouldn’t. After a few days, the pain subsided to more like sensitivity, and now it doesn’t hurt at all. I can finally say it feels normal as before the accident. It’s been a long process for such a small wound to heal, but it makes the best example. Restoration is just like this wound. Although, the prodigal has returned home and the marriage is back together on the surface – there’s much more to heal hidden underneath that requires a lot more time. HOWEVER, there is regeneration. There is reconnection. It’s just a more delicate process, and there’s gonna be pain in the healing.

God had to show me that restoration was not the end of what I’d been hoping, praying, and waiting for…it was the beginning of the work He was gonna do in us together! That perspective helped me wait expectantly for the changes I wanted to see in my prodigal, rather than get angry for the changes to not have already taken place. We, as standers, must realize that God reveals truth to the prodigal the same as he does for us…in layers. It will take time for the prodigal to realize all that he/she came from out of the Far Country. They were deceived to think another person could be this dream come true, and it takes time to realize it was actually sin and wrong in so many ways.

There were so many times, even after standing for my marriage and my husband coming back home, I begged for God to release me from the marriage, because I was so hurt and devastated by it all. I couldn’t understand why God didn’t bring my husband back as some radically changed man. I look back now in my journals and at my marriage the way it is now, years later, and see how it’s been a process of rebuilding. The breakdown of our marriage was a stripping away. The early days of restoration was the beginning of a rebuilding process. God tried to show me many times, but I was so raw with emotions going in every direction, I couldn’t catch on. BUT we pushed through and took baby steps everyday. God was repairing the breaches, at the same time Satan was still trying to destroy them! Marriage restoration is just like the Israelites in the days of Nehemiah (4:16-18) trying to rebuild the destroyed wall of their city. They were trying to build, while their enemy tried to tear it down. So the Bible tells us they would build with one hand and carry a weapon in the other! That’s what you and your spouse MUST do!

The enemy will attack you both with low self-esteem, doubt, insecurities, mistrust, extreme emotions, and fear. These will come like a flood and threaten all the progress that’s made, but you combat it with prayer, the word of God, the promises He gave you, worship, journaling, zipping lips, patience, perseverance, and cutting out the world’s negative influences. These are the weapons we use to fight the enemy, Satan, not our spouse!

I look back over those days written in my journal and can see where we’ve been. God was right. It was the beginning. We aren’t the same people we were when we first married. Thankfully, we aren’t the same people we were when we came back together. Our marriage now is what we always dreamt it could be. Just like my sliced finger, the pain will subside. Regeneration will happen. You will reconnect with your spouse. And one day, it will be stronger and better than it was before!

The Chosen

The Chosen is the best series about the life of Christ. I don’t know if everyone has already heard of it or not. That’s why I’m posting information about it here, in case there is that one person who hasn’t seen it yet. It’s completely crowd-funded…no Hollywood moguls financing and dictating this story. It’s written, directed, and produced by an ACTUAL believer of Christ! And one who wants to tell the Good News all over the world for free! I highly recommend any and all people watch this series. Download the app. Watch it for free online. Then help them fund future seasons! You won’t regret it. 😀


For those that don’t know, Shabbat is the Hebrew word for Sabbath. Sabbath is the last day of the week (Saturday) where we are commanded to do no work, rest, enjoy family, and honor God, the Father. A Hebrew day begins at sundown the day prior, therefore, Shabbat begins at sunset Friday night. Many years ago, the Lord led us to begin observing this special time in much the same way as Jewish people. Keeping the Lord’s Sabbath and His Holy Feasts is such a blessing! Not only do we learn more about our Jewish Messiah, but they become special family memories and traditions with our children.

Speaking of blessings…that is what this post is all about. The Jewish people has such a rich tradition of blessing each other, their children, food, creation, etc. Notice the Patriarchs in the Old Testament, how they blessed their children. This very spiritual pastime has been mostly lost, to our detriment. Speaking blessings over a person releases such profound power in a life and can open doors for God to fulfill wonderful purpose in him/her. I encourage anyone seeking to go further with God, to explore the spiritual concept of blessing.

Back to Shabbat…every Friday night typically Hebrew, and Messianic Observers, light candles, speak blessings, and enjoy a lovely meal with their family concluding another busy week. These blessings include the blessing of the children, the Aaronic (priestly) blessing, the blessing of the wife, and concludes with a blessing of the bread and wine. This is our family’s favorite night of the week. Our kids love it, because everyone sits at the dining table. We play worship music, and there’s complete focus on family with no distractions. This is my favorite night of the week, because my husband reads Proverbs 31 as a blessing over me. The Jews call this Eshet Chayil, Woman of Valor. It’s a beautiful practice as a husband reads these precious godly qualities over his wife. I absorb the words every week, praying the Lord makes me into this ideal woman. Through the years, I’ve seen improvements, but God still has His work cut out! I also speak a blessing over my husband from Psalm 1. I’m not convinced everyone does this, or is as traditional as the Eshet Chayil, but I do it. It’s much shorter than Proverbs 31 and feels more rote than personal. For awhile now, I’ve wanted to compile verses together to speak specifically into my husband’s life (and actually ours as well). Yesterday, I finally took the time to write a more personal blessing. I share it here to help anyone else wanting to begin blessing their husband. Any portion can be edited to include other verses a wife so chooses or deleted if it doesn’t pertain. As always, I hope it helps!

Shabbat Blessing of the Husband

I bless my husband in many areas of his life. I acknowledge that as I bless my husband and he increases in these areas, so too, will I and our children increase and be blessed for he is our head and authority. 

I bless you with LOVE: John Wesley, may you love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. (Mk 12:30) To love me, your wife, as yourself (Eph 5:28) and bring up our children in the training and instruction of the Lord (Eph 6:4).

I bless you with FAITH as a mustard seed, so you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you. (Mat 17:20) That the Father increases your faith (Luk 17:5) more and more.

I bless you with FEARLESSNESS: There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. (1Jo 4:18) For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. (2Ti 1:7)

I bless you with FRUIT: Love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control (Gal 5:22-23)

I bless you with WISDOM and to have the mind of Christ. (1Co 2:16) God grant you wisdom so that it brings success. (Ecc 10:10) That you abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good. (Rom 12:9) And whatever things are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of good report, has any virtue and is praiseworthy that you think on these things. (Phl 4:8)

I bless you to PROSPER: Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the path of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful; But his delight is in the law of the LORD, and in His law he meditates day and night. He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also shall not wither; And whatever he does shall prosper. (Psa 1:1-3) Keep the charge of the LORD your God: to walk in His ways, to keep His statutes, His commandments, His judgments, and His testimonies, that you may prosper in all that you do and wherever you turn; (1Ki 2:3) The LORD be with you; and whatever you do, the LORD make it prosper. (Gen 39:23) That as the Lord has brought all this great calamity on us, so He will give us all the prosperity He has promised us. (Jer 32:42)

I bless you with God’s PROTECTION: May no weapon formed against you prosper (Isa 54:17) May God be for you, and therefore, no one can stand against you (Rom 8:31) Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your heart and mind through Christ Jesus. (Phl 4:6-7) The LORD be with you as a mighty, awesome One (Jer 20:11)

I release God’s PURPOSE in you: Although many are the plans in your heart, may it be the LORD’s purpose that prevails (Pro 19:21) May God count you worthy of this calling, and fulfill all the good pleasure of His goodness and the work of faith with power, that the name of our Lord Jesus Christ may be glorified in you, and you in Him, according to the grace of our God and the Lord Jesus Christ. (2Th 1:11-12) May you be planted in the house of the LORD and flourish in the courts of our God. May you still bear fruit in old age; to be fresh and flourishing, To declare that the LORD is upright (Psa 92:13-15) And may He grant you according to your heart’s desire, and fulfill all your purpose. (Psa 20:4)

Jesus promised you would do even greater works than He did on earth, because He goes to the Father (Jn 14:12) I bless you with His POWER and authority over evil. That you will drive out demons; speak in new tongues; place your hands on sick people, and they will get well.” (Mar 16:17-18) That you walk in the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.(Luk 10:19) Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. (Eph 6:10)

I bless you with God’s PROVISION, to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. (Mat 6:33) I pray God will never stop doing good to you, and will inspire you to fear Him, so that you will never turn away from Him. (Jer 32:40) That you may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of your life, to behold the beauty of the LORD, and to inquire in His temple. (Psa 27:4)