Power of a Praying Wife

JW is 35 with a family history of heart disease and diabetes. His dad was 40 when he was even born, and when JW was 16, his dad worked all day long thinking he could beat how bad he felt. JW came home from school with an ambulance taking his dad to the hospital for a massive heart attack. His dad survived and is, thankfully, still around today, but with a heart that works at only 30% capability. His dad has never been able to work full time again and, honestly, never believed he’d live as long as he has.

Because of that day and the toll it took on his family, John Wesley has always valued time spent with his dad. However, I know it’s also worried him about his own health, especially now that we have small children. He’s been faithful for the past few years to take red yeast rice and krill oil daily. However, since our kids have arrived, he’s struggled with his weight and working out. (Aside: I’m not judging. He’s in better shape than I am after having 2 kids in 2 years!)

In 2012, I read “The Power of a Praying Wife,” by Stormie Omartian while JW was in the far country and after he came back home. In it, she describes praying for her husband’s needs and watching The Lord answer her prayers. It’s a wonderful resource for all wives. Through all we’ve journeyed, I’ve learned two things: God is bigger than anything else and He answers prayer. So, I started praying for my husband’s health. Because I want him around a very long time, I specifically pray, “Lord, let no cancer, diabetes, or heart disease enter his body, EVER, in Jesus’ name.”

Today, JW went to have a cardiac screening done. His cholesterol levels are around the same as those of a person who exercises 3 days a week!  His chance of having a cardiac problem in the next 10 years is .9% with a lifetime chance at 5%! His glucose levels are normal, and he was told he didn’t have to get checked again till he’s 40 since his numbers were so great!!!

Now, we know tomorrow is promised to no man, and JW could go any day just like everyone else. But, I KNOW God is answering my prayers! God will answer your prayers too. There is power in prayer and it’s an honor He bestows on us. 

God bless,


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