One thing I know now looking back is that neither one of us was without fault with what was going on in the other’s life. We acted like we were independent and pointed fingers of blame as if we were, but we both carried the responsibility of each other. It’s my responsibility to protect my wife and our family by first protecting myself and keeping those spiritual doors shut to things of the flesh, and it’s her responsibility to continually pray for me to do so. And it’s both of our responsibility to model that for our children. That’s why when temptation comes, I pull up my pictures of my babies and say, “Nope, I got more important reasons than myself, and I do not want to return down that road ever again.” I also believe that because my wife continually prays for me that I have a much easier ability to overcome. Her prayers and supplications on my behalf are very important to me and I greatly appreciate it.

John Wesley 

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