Mourning period

When you discover your spouse has been unfaithful, it devastates you. Some resort to anger and vengeance. Others become bitter. Then there are a few who choose to forgive the adultery and continue the marriage. Regardless of how a person reacts, it all stems from the pain of betrayal, rejection, and something lost. That something is the purity of the marriage bed. When you get married, your hopes and dreams are focused on your spouse. The intimacy you share is for the two of you alone and none other. That trust has been broken. Upon that realization, a mourning process begins. The journey of healing is hard, but it is possible with Christ. Understand that you need time to grieve what’s been lost. Accept that you can never get that purity back again, but it doesn’t have to mean the end of your marriage. Finally have hope to know you can have an even better and stronger marriage after such a devastating blow, if you give it to Jesus. Begin picking up the pieces of your shattered heart, then give them to Jesus. He really can mend it better than it was before. He did it for me. Let Him do it for you.

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